Logo Hekatech

Based in the small town of Kanfen in the Moselle region of France, Hekatech is the company responsible for marketing Geocoeur. Its mission to develop Geocoeur includes :

  • software research and development
  • line implementation
  • communication & marketing
  • sales
  • after-sales service

Hekatech’s long-term objective is to innovate by developing smart solutions that help save lives.

The Hekatech team

Frédéric Leybold

Frédéric Leybold
President & founder of Hekatech

A trained ICU nurse and firefighter, Frédéric has spent the last 8 years as President of the French Association of First Responders.

While searching for new ways to improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims, he came up with the idea for Geocoeur.

Nicolas Bourcier
CTO &  partner

An IT developer and manager of several companies in the IT field, Nicolas looks after all the technical aspects of Geocoeur.

He is responsible for ensuring Geocoeur’s connectivity with the emergency services, as well as developing and maintaining the Geocoeur application.

Nicolas Bourcier

Jean Bertolotti
COO & partner

As a company manager and volunteer firefighter, Jean has always been committed to health and safety issues.

At Hekatech, he is responsible for setting up the Geocoeur production line and ensuring the quality of the finished products.

Romain Sardou
Co-founder & partner

Part of the Geocoeur adventure from the start, Romain helped Frédéric to take the initial idea from concept to production.

Today, he manages the company’s public relations and helps Geocoeur to shine on the international stage.