1. Geolocate

The defibrillators closest to the cardiac arrest emergency

2. Alert

Passers-by with a flashing light and pre-recorded message.

3. Scan

The QR code on the front of the unit to get the precise location of the victim


The victim by following instructions on the defibrillator

Geocoeur units already installed

Frequently Asked Questions

For the moment, devices are being tested exclusively in the eastern region of Moselle. If you’re in another region and interested in joining the program, please contact us.

  • No, that’s the beauty of this device! Whether you’re trained in first aid or not, you can save a life by bringing the defibrillator to the victim of a cardiac arrest. The defibrillator is fully automated. You just have to follow its vocal and visual instructions.

No, any smartphone with a camera will work. Simply scan the QR Code, and your phone will open a webpage with details of how long it takes to reach the victim by foot or by car. Once you’ve agreed to take the defibrillator, you’ll get the precise location.

Our device is directly connected to public emergency services. As soon as 911 operators are informed of a cardiac arrest, an alert is automatically sent to our server, which geolocates the nearest defibrillators to the incident and triggers their alarms.

Geocoeur is not a defibrillator. It is designed to sit above a defibrillator and increase its rate of use so that more lives can be saved. Bear in mind that a defibrillator can double the chances of survival for victims of a cardiac arrest.

Frédéric Leybold

Frédéric Leybold

President, partner

Nicolas Bourcier

CTO, partner

Jean Bertolotti

Jean Bertolotti

COO, partner

Romain Sardou

Co-founder, partner