Save more lives within your community or your workplace.


Defibrillators closest to an ongoing cardiac arrest emergency.


Passers-by with a flashing light and a pre-recorded voice message.


The QR code print on the front of the unit and find out where to bring immediately the defibrillator.


By following defibrillator's instructions.

Geocoeur already installed

Frequently Asked Questions

For the moment, devices are only being tested in Moselle. Nevertheless, if you are interested in joining the program, contact us now.

No, that’s the core principle of this device ! Whether you are first-aid trained or not, you can save a life yourelf by bringing the defibrillator to the victim of a cardiac arrest. The defibrillator is fully automated, you just have to follow its vocal and visual instructions !

No, any smartphone equiped with a camera will do. Once scanned, the QR Code opens a web page on your browser and indicates the precise distance that separates you from the ongoing cardiac arrest. It also estimates the time needed to go there by foot or by car.  (The full address will will be communicate after you have accepted to bring the defibrillator on site).

Our device is fully linked to public emergency services. As soon as 911 operators are informed of a cardiac arrest, an alert is automatically sent to our server which geolocates defibrillators nearby the cardiac arrest and triggers the closest geocoeurs available.

Geocoeur is not a defibrillator. Nevertheless it skyrockets their using rate by making them way more effetive whenever needed. Bear in mind that defibrillators double chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrest ! They need to be pull of their walls !

Frédéric Leybold

Frédéric Leybold

President, associate

Nicolas Bourcier

CTO, associate

Jean Bertolotti

Jean Bertolotti

COO, associate

Romain Sardou

Co-founder, associate