You want to equip your community or your company with Geocoeur? Congratulations! You will contribute to save more lives. Find below practical informations about our connected device.


What you need to install Geocoeur

  • a 220V power supply (can be the same source as for your defibrillator)
  • a stable and secure Wi-Fi connection or a 4G connection (a mini-SIM card can be provided with the device).

The Geocoeur panel measures 40 cm x 40cm, or 8cm wider than the external case of an AED. You therefore need sufficient space above the AED.


Geocoeur is now being commercialized, and is available to French communities and companies. If you have a defibrillator and want to join us in helping to save more lives, you can order Geocoeur by contacting us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Tips to optimize the use of Geocoeur

Geocoeur is about saving lives. That means its location is of critical importance.

It’s best to install Geocoeur above a defibrillator that is situated outdoors, accessible 24/7, and in a residential or built-up area.

The most foot traffic there is, the more likely Geocoeur is to be used. Don’t forget that 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home.

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