Geocoeur features a simple and effective design, consisting of :

  • an LED beacon for high visibility
  • a loudspeaker to broadcast voice alert messages
  • AED signage in accordance with local regulations
  • a telecommunications module
  • a processor.

A Wi-Fi, ethernet or 4G connection is required to connect the device to our server and trigger the beacon and speaker in case of an emergency.


Communication with public emergency services

Thanks to a partnership with the emergency services, our server is linked to the local communication centers for firefighters and paramedics.

Every time a cardiac arrest is reported, an alert is sent to our server, which immediately geolocates all Geocoeur devices close to the victim. To ensure prompt action, our server triggers all devices within a certain perimeter, depending on the distance between the place of the cardiac arrest and the nearest emergency center.

The telecommunication module of the nearest Geocoeur receives the alert and transmits it to the device’s processor, triggering the flashing light and the loudspeaker.

Act fast to save lives

As soon as the Geoceur device receives the emergency alert, the victim’s address is sent to a dedicated application. Passers-by alerted by the alarm are invited to scan the QR Code on the front of the panel. This QR Code opens a web page on their smartphone indicating the address of the cardiac arrest victim.