The Geocoeur panel is designed to be installed directly above an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). When a cardiac arrest occurs nearby, it alerts passers-by with a flashing light and a recorded message.

Its objective is to get the defibrillator to the victim as quickly as possible, often before emergency services arrive.

The device is the perfect complement to an AED. Thanks to its built-in connectivity and alarm system, it empowers anyone to be a lifesaver.

Attracting attention to prompt action

The principle of Geocoeur is to attract attention – and get passers-by, residents, neighbors or workers to grab the defibrillator and take it to the victim.

As soon as the emergency services are made aware of a cardiac arrest, the Geocoeur devices closest to the victim are triggered to sound the alarm.

A flashing light starts up and a loud speaker broadcasts a message: “Cardiac arrest nearby. We need you. Scan the QR Code to find out where to bring the defibrillator.” These visual and sound signals focus attention on the defibrillator and the need for action.

Géocoeur boîtier connecté
QR Code Géocoeur

Scan the code to pinpoint the victim’s location

Both the recorded message and the printed text on the panel urge people to scan the QR Code on front of the Geocoeur panel to access the precise location of the victim.

If the person can’t scan the QR code for some reason, they can call the public emergency services, and the operator will give them the address where they need to take the defibrillator.

When they locate the victim, they need only follow the instructions provided by the automated defibrillator.

Watch the video below to find out how to use an AED.