Salle de rédaction France Bleu

It all started at a local radio station in Northern Lorraine, France.

Frédéric Leybold, President of the French Association of First Responders, was in the newsroom of France Bleu radio, waiting to be interviewed. In front of him, a defibrillator was fixed to the wall. He started wondering how this defibrillator, installed in a residential area, had any chance of being used. Let’s face it : the probabilities of a cardiac arrest happening in this office were close to zero…

But what about the neighborhood?

Frédéric’s idea was simple : connect defibrillators to the public emergency services so they can be more widely used. To make his idea work, he knew something else was needed: a device to alert people and incite them to carry the defibrillator to the victim.

After months of research, Geocoeur was born.

Today, about fifty devices have been manufactured and provided to municipalities and companies in the Moselle region of France. Geocoeur has already proved its value and effectiveness and is set to be deployed in other regions of France.